United Soldiers Affiliation ~ Soldiers Of Liberty

United Soldiers Affiliation - Soldiers Of Liberty

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Album Title: Soldiers Of Liberty

Artist / Group: United Soldiers Affiliation

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: CD, Albums

Produced By: Josh Robbins & Dustin Caouette

Record Label: Vi D.O. Entertainment

Released: 2004

Representin': Clarksville, Tennessee


1KviiLeetha, Mirage, Antidote, Jack Karter, R-DemusU.S.A.05:01
2KviiLeetha, R-Demus, Mirage, Antidote, Jack Karter, Big Jay, DymandGo To War Wit Vi05:06
3AntidoteTha Coming Of Dote04:04
4Mirage, Jack Karter, R-Demus, Antidote, Sean Gotti, KviiLeethaDa Club Song03:29
5KviiLeetha, R-Demus, Feral WarriorTribute03:12
6Mirage, AntidoteG-A-N-G-S-T-A03:21
7KviiLeethaBlow A Sucka Up04:23
8KviiLeetha, R-DemusWatcha Got03:08
9Antidote, Mirage, KviiLeethaArmageddon04:56
10R-Demus, Lady Leda, KviiLeetha, ChesireBloody Murder04:04
11R-Demus, AntidoteCreeping Death03:37
12R-Demus, Big Jay, Antidote, Jack Karter, KviiLeethaKillaz05:18
13Supah Sayin Barias, Mirage, R-Demus, Antidote, Fused Birage, Fused DotemusFuzion05:00
14Antidote, Jack Karter, KviiLeethaTry 2 Run04:38
15MirageTha Horra01:18
16Dymand, Lil ChrisWe Got Watcha Need04:26
17KviiLeetha, Jack Karter, Antidote, Big Jay, Mirage, Dymand, R-DemusBlow A Sucka Up (Rmx)04:31
18R-Demus, KviiLeetha, DymandBurn Their Studios Down04:55
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