Slim Thug ~ Underground Hoggin (Screwed)

Slim Thug - Underground Hoggin (Screwed)

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Album Title: Underground Hoggin (Screwed)

Artist / Group: Slim Thug

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: File, Mixed

Record Label: Hogg Life

Released: 2004

Representin: Houston, Texas


1Intro (Screwed)03:03
2Excursions (Screwed)02:56
3Put Yo Cups Up (Screwed)01:56
4Breath Easy (Screwed)02:45
5Too Much Money (Screwed)01:42
6Headed To The Kappa (Screwed)01:39
7Grain Grippers (Screwed)01:45
8Hit Da Flow (Screwed)02:02
9Elbow Room (Screwed)01:28
10Minute Man (Screwed)01:30
11Top Notch Thug (Screwed)01:03
12Mr Bling Bling (Screwed)01:35
13Turn Off The Lights (Screwed)01:29
14Rider (Screwed)01:28
15Super Throwed (Screwed)01:47
16Platinum Rapping Spree (Screwed)01:15
17Hold It Down (Screwed)01:16
18Hard Knock Life (Screwed)01:52
19Raised Hard (Screwed)02:06
20Is That Yo Chick (Screwed)01:59
21Nowa Days (Screwed)02:00
22Guess Who's Back (Screwed)01:11
23The Boss (Screwed)02:26
24Back On Da Flow (Screwed)01:36
25Legend (Screwed)00:54
26Do It In (Screwed)01:48
27Renegade (Screwed)02:15
28Batter Up (Screwed)01:28
29Buy Da Car (Screwed)01:21
30Back Back (Screwed)02:11
31Hate In Yo Blood (Screwed)01:31
32Turn Yo Beat Up (Screwed)02:09
33Ghetto Superstars (Screwed)01:43
34H-Town 2 D-Town (Screwed)01:21
35When You See Me (Screwed)01:20
36Broke No Mo (Screwed)01:33
37Northside Vet (Screwed)01:03
38Fiesta (Screwed)04:33
39Bonus: Sleepdog (Screwed)05:28
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