Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon ~ Having Thangs

Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon - Having Thangs

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Album Title: Having Thangs

Artist / Group: Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: File, Mixed

Record Label: Hogg Life

Released: 2004

Representin: Houston, Texas


Disc 1:
1Victory Flow02:50
2Money, Power, Respect Flow01:47
3Get By Flow04:06
4Thicka Than Water Flow02:49
5Juicy Flow01:54
6Lalala Flow02:33
7Stop Flow02:03
8Can't Stop, Won't Stop Flow02:34
9Crazy In Love Flow03:17
10Frontin' Flow02:13
11Pump It Up Flow01:55
12What Up Gangsta Flow02:59
13I Know What U Want Flow02:34
14Gangsta Flow02:34
15Ridin' Spinners Flow01:41
16Represent Flow02:16
17I Really Mean It Flow02:05
1824's Flow02:57
19Like A Pimp Flow01:37
20P.I.M.P. Flow02:49
21Who Ya Shot Flow02:26
22Bare Witness Once Again Flow02:06
23Through The Wire Flow03:41
Disc 2:
1Victory Flow (Chopped & Screwed)03:17
2Money, Power, Respect Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:10
3Get By Flow (Chopped & Screwed)04:51
4Thicka Than Water Flow (Chopped & Screwed)03:06
5Juicy Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:13
6La La La Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:58
7Stop Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:19
8Can't Stop, Won't Stop Flow (Chopped & Screwed)03:02
9Crazy In Love Flow (Chopped & Screwed)03:49
10Frontin' Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:21
11Pump It Up Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:27
12What Up Gangsta Flow (Chopped & Screwed)03:28
13I Know What U Want Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:58
14Gangsta Music Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:59
15Ridin' Spinners Flow (Chopped & Screwed)01:58
16Represent Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:38
17I Really Mean It Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:25
1824's Flow (Chopped & Screwed)03:26
19Like A Pimp Flow (Chopped & Screwed)01:53
20P.I.M.P. Flow (Chopped & Screwed)03:16
21Who Ya Shot Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:49
22Bare Witness Once Again Flow (Chopped & Screwed)02:26
23Through The Wire Flow (Chopped & Screwed)04:15
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