Evil Pimp


Evil Pimp (born Catrin Terrell Rhodes) is an American recording rap artist from Memphis, Tennessee. He is the founder of the group Krucifix Klan, of which Stan Man, Lady Dead and Playa Rob are also members. Evil Pimp is co-owner of the label Slaughterhouse Records. His musical style is commonly labelled Horrorcore—and is characterized by dark themes—especially drugs, violence and Satanism.

He grew up in Westwood in southwest Memphis and lived with his aunt until her untimely death when he was sent to his grandmother’s house in Binghampton - a rather poverty stricken area in Midtown Memphis. Stability was elusive, however, and he was moved again after his Grandmother’s deteriorating health, living then in Cordele, Georgia with other family members. After his unsettled youth, the Man he became eventually relocated himself to the Midwest. In Iowa, he settled down and began working intently on his musical career, exploring the electronic keyboard; making samples and sounds… and developing his unique style.

Evil Pimp began his musical career in the 1990s. He made his national debut in 2005 with Da Exorcist Returns. Rhodes formed the independent record labels Slaughterhouse Records and Gangsta Ro Productions. Evil Pimp’s musical influences were mostly the 70’s soul sounds that he grew up hearing along with Triple Six, DJ Zirk, DJ Sound and some Squeek dog. Evil Pimp is the leader of the group Krucifix Klan and onetime co-owner of Slaughterhouse Records. After artistic and business conflicts he left the label. Numerous members have contributed over time to his work, yet the music style has stayed consistent; featuring rapid-fire lyrics laid over a mellow laid-back beat, or a signature slow-drawling and violent flow over even more hypnotic beats. He has since been featured in various magazines, most significantly appearing in The Source.


Evil Pimp & Creep Lo - Kreepin Out Tha Kut

Slaughterhouse Records2004

Evil Pimp - The Exorcist (Greatest Hits Vol. 1)

Slaughterhouse Records2004

Evil Pimp - Da Exorcist Returns

Slaughterhouse Records2004

Evil Pimp - Witness Your Murder

Slaughterhouse Records2006

Evil Pimp - Go Hard Or Go Home

Slaughterhouse Records2006

Evil Pimp - Da Bad Guy Returns

Slaughterhouse Records2007

Evil Pimp - No Bigga Pimp

Slaughterhouse Records2008

Evil Pimp - Face The Terror

Smoke On Records2009

Evil Pimp - I Be That Muthafucka

Smoke On Records2010

Evil Pimp - Da Ruddest

Smoke On Records2012

Evil Pimp & Killa Elite - Mark Of The Beast

Smoke On Records2014

Evil Pimp - Drunk Confessions Of A Alcoholic Re-Issue

Smoke On Records2015

Evil Pimp - Da Devil's Rejects

Smoke On Records2015

Guest Appearances

  • The Way You Do That Right Thurr

Krucifix Klan - Book Of Revelations Chapter 2 (End Of Dayz)

Slaughterhouse Records2007
  • Entfesselt

Blokkmonsta - 1-Mann-Armee

Hirntot Records2009
  • Bring 'Em To The Dark

J-Green - Solo Tape

Blac Teflon, Hypnotize Minds2010
  • In Dein Gehirn

Blokkmonsta - Mit Der Maske

Hirntot Records2010
  • All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Blood Spencore - Kauf, Konsumier' Und Stirb!

  • The Omen Pt. 2

C-Mob - Extra Mags Vol. 2

  • Raubmord

Nex & Zer.Fleisch - Eiszeit

Not On Label2012
  • The Omen Part 2

B-Dub - Expect The Unexpected

Not On Label2012
  • Todesposse

Clip & Zer.Fleisch - 187

Düstere Klänge2012
  • Possessed

Kaotic Klique - My Sacrifice

Krooked Rootz Entertainment2013
  • Insanity Anthem

Rhyme Prophet - Jetzt Ist Schluss

Clique House Productionz2013
  • Brain Damage

Kaotic Klique - Born 2 Kill

Krooked Rootz Entertainment2014
  • Kommen In Der Nacht

Moneymaxxx - 808 Family

One Take One Hit Records, 808 Muzik2014
  • Evil Shit

Zer.Fleisch - Best Of Wlados

808 Muzik2015
  • Cobain

Dela - L'aigle Noir

Liqwid Crack2015
  • Fat Mack

Stan Man - Stan Da Fucking Man

Smoke On Records2016