Pollie Pop - 28 Grams, Vol. 11

Pollie Pop - 28 Grams, Vol. 11

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Album Title: 28 Grams, Vol. 11

Artist / Group: Pollie Pop

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: File, Mixed

Record Label: Choppin Game Entertainment

Released: 2017

Representin: Houston, Texas


1Addicted (Screwed)04:08
2Ain't Nothing (Screwed)03:52
3X (Screwed)05:10
4T-Shirt (Screwed)04:49
5Play Wit' Yo' Bitch (Screwed)06:07
6Goyard Bag (Screwed)04:54
7My City (Screwed)05:21
8Heavy (Screwed)05:04
9No Favors (Screwed)06:13
10Know You Know (Screwed)04:39
11Draco (Screwed)04:28
12Red Sox (Screwed)03:21
13Thinkin' 'Bout You (Screwed)02:41
14Rolling Stone (Screwed)04:09
15Intro Z (Screwed)04:12
16Dem Days (Screwed)03:45
17Rapper Fight Challenge (Spit Your Bars) [Screwed]03:39
18Gangland (Screwed)03:11
19Crazy College (Screwed)03:32
20Flip Phone (Screwed)03:07
21Tunnel Vision (Screwed)05:21
22Find A Way (Screwed)04:06
23Blessings (Screwed)04:35
24High For Hours (Screwed)04:52
25Temptation (Screwed)03:55
26Hustle Of The Year (Screwed)06:22
27Big Money (Screwed)03:44
2825 Squares (Screwed)03:22
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