Ganksta NIP ~ Psychic Thoughts

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Album Title: Psychic Thoughts

Artist / Group: Ganksta NIP

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: CD, Albums

Produced By: Crazy CGanksta NIP, James Smith, John BidoK-Rino, Landmine Productions

Record Label: Rap-A-Lot Records, Priority Records

Released: 1993

Representin': Houston, Texas


1SPC Shoutout
3Psychic Thoughts
4Reporter From Hell
5Set Up Bitches
Featuring - Lez Moné
6Only NIP Can Do It
7Now Watch 'Em Drop
8Stictly For The Club
9Come Into My World
10That's How It Is: Psychic Part II
11Fuck You6:42
Featuring - Dope EK-RinoPoint Blank
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January 1, 1993|

One Comment

  1. David Mesquita December 21, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I believe it’s NIP’s greatest, but that’s just my opinions. Everything from the Intro to the Last track are raw to the last drop.. Where to start,, the deep bass and guitar’s on the tracks really add a rough vibe that surpasses a lot of music for this year. Truly ahead of his time on this whole album. Trance is something else, I could listen to Psychic Thoughts and Only Nip Can Do It forever. Reported from hell Is a creative song and the beat is something else, and he comes with a calm song with “Come into My world”.. Now watch em’ drop is nice and depicts some of the issues going on during these years in Houston. Strictly for the club is a banger all day, if everybody chill nobody gets killed. They come hard against the “Original Point Blank” in Fuck You.. Set up Bitches tells about some of the scandalous things those women will do. And finally That’s How It Is is a nice part two of Psycho,, refining the beat and coming with truly gruesome and witty lyrics. Overall, I cannot say how much I love this whole album.

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