3rd Degree ~ Grills, Skills & Purple Spills

3rd Degree - Grills, Skills & Purple Spills

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Album Title: Grills, Skills & Purple Spills

Artist / Group: 3rd Degree

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: File, Mixed

Record Label: 3rd Degree, SoSouth

Released: 2008

Representin: San Antonio, Texas


1Grills, Skills & Purple Spills04:08
Featuring - Mark G, Liveola, Supreme
2We Are The Coldest03:15
Featuring - Lil' Ken, Liveola
3The Grammy's05:01
Featuring - 50/50 Twin, Kyle Lee, Mark G
4San Antonio On The Map04:30
Featuring - Lil' Ken, Liveola, Kyle Lee, Mark G
Featuring - Liveola, Mark Gaboda, Kyle Lee
6Presidential Status03:10
Featuring - Liveola
7We Throwed04:28
Featuring - Papasmurf, Liveola, Lil' Ken
8Mash Mode04:11
Featuring - Kyle Lee, 50/50 Twin, Liveola
9Back At It04:15
Featuring - Lil' Ken, Lil' E
10Get Some Jaws05:26
Featuring - Mark Gaboda
12Update The Game03:55
Featuring - Kyle Lee, Liveola, Lil' Ken
Featuring - Mike Jones Of Swishahouse, Mark Gaboda, Lil' Ken
14Is This Victor?03:41
Featuring - Liveola, Kyle Lee, Mark Gaboda
Featuring - Liveola, Kyle Lee, Lil Ken
16None Betta02:59
Featuring - Lil' Ken
17Kiss The Game Goodbye04:10
Featuring - Liveola, Mark G, Lil' Ken
18Back In The Day04:38
Featuring - Kyle Lee, Mark Gaboda
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