Nemesis is the first rap crew from Dallas, Texas to enjoy popularity in the US and world-wide, thanks to their label, Profile Records, which was well-known for bringing out many popular east coast rap releases such as Run-DMC, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, and Dana Dane.

Originally, Nemesis was called “Sumthin Fresh” and consisted of rappers MC Azim aka Lawrence Azim Rashid, Bhumble Bee, and Eazy Roque aka Charles Roquemore who were joined by DJ Snake aka Don Brown, Big Al aka Al English, and Casanova Rock. The rappers from Hamilton Park and the DJs from Oak Cliff (both neighborhoods in Dallas) became part of the Dallas, Texas underground rap scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

As Sumthin Fresh, the group appeared regularly on KNON FM 90.9. Initially, they appeared as guests on Nippy Jones Freaky Fresh Friday afternoon show and after teaming up with DJ Snake for music production, they were regulars on the “All Hardy Def Party” radio show which became the metroplex’s hottest radio show at the time. The radio show, which was hosted by DJ Snake, Big Al, and Casanova Rock, was most popular to young Dallas hip-hoppers who had no other options or outlets for rap music. Every Wednesday night, from 9pm til Midnight, Dallas/Fort Worth listeners were deluded with local artists, local sounds along with underground beats.

Sumthin Fresh became local stars and Bumble Bee, feeling that Something Fresh was a bit soft, decided to change their name to Nemesis. Nemesis released their first album entitled, To Hell And Back on their independent record label, Get Off Me Records. Bumble Bee left the group shortly after they signed with Profile Records, due to creative differences between himself and the producers. Eazy Roque also left soon after.

This left MC Azim behind as the lone MC with the group. Big Al, one of the group’s deejays then manned a microphone in order to help complete the project, and reinvent the group’s sound to feature more of bass oriented sound featuring beats by DJ Snake. There have been various reincarnations of the rap group, which infused random affiliates such as Ron C and Joe Macc.


Nemesis - To Hell And Back

Nemesis – To Hell And Back

Profile Records 1989
Nemesis - Munchies For Your Bass

Nemesis – Munchies For Your Bass

Profile Records 1991
Nemesis - Temple Of Boom

Nemesis – Temple Of Boom

Profile Records 1993
Nemesis - Tha People Want Bass

Nemesis – Tha People Want Bass

Profile Records 1995
Nemesis - Munchies For Your Bass, Da Return

Nemesis – Munchies For Your Bass, Da Return

Out Tha Trunk Records 2000