Mr. Ivan

Mr. Ivan

Mr. Ivan


Alonzo “Mr. Ivan” Newton, from Congress St. in the 9th Ward, New Orleans. He is one of the original artists of the famed Cash Money Records. He is often compared to Mystikal but in all actuality, Mr. Ivan had regional success long before Mystikal came onto the N.O. rap scene.

His debut album 187 In A Hockey Mask (1994) is solid all theway through and showcases his dynamic style. Despite all he is one of Cash Money’s under-appreciated rappers, although it wasn’t for want of effort, with Mr. Ivan memorably performing live in a hockey mask. A couple of years after doing sessions with Cash Money at producer Don B’s D.A.R.S. Studio, Mr. Ivan signed with his lable Bang’n Records. He released his second album Resurrection in 1999.

Mr. Ivan died on December 19, 2007 of AIDS related complications at just 34 years of age.


Mr. Ivan - 187 In A Hockey Mask

Mr. Ivan – 187 In A Hockey Mask

Cash Money Records 1994
Mr. Ivan - Resurrection

Mr. Ivan – Resurrection

Bang’n Records 1999

Guest Appearances

U.N.L.V. - Straight Out Tha Gutta
  • Local 580

U.N.L.V. – Straight Out Tha Gutta

Cash Money Records 1994
PxMxWx - High Life
  • Do Or Die Nigga!!

PxMxWx – High Life

Cash Money Records 1994
M$. Tee - Having Thing$
  • Pi$tol Packing Bitch 

Ms. Tee – Having Thing$!!

Cash Money Records 1995
Kilo G - The Bloody City
  • Bloody City

Kilo G – The Bloody City

Cash Money Records 1995
B.G.'z - True Story
  • Down For My Stacks

B.G. – True Story

Cash Money Records 1995
Lil' Slim - Thug'N & Pluggin'
  • Time To Murder

Lil’ Slim – Thug’n & Pluggin

Cash Money Records 1995
U.N.L.V. - Mac Melph Calio
  • Mac Melph Calio

U.N.L.V. – Mac Melph Calio

Cash Money Records 1995
PMW - A New Beginning
  • King Heroin

PMW – A New Beginning

Alkamedia Records 1996


Texas Boys: Movie & Soundtrack
  • Texas Girls

Texas Boys: Movie & Soundtrack

One Tyme Records 2002