Black Menace

Black Menace


Black Menace was a gangsta rap group from New Orleans, Louisiana, made up of J-Dawg and Threat. They were signed to the independent hip-hop label Big Boy Records, ran by Charles Temple & Leroy "Precise" Edwards.

In 1993, they released their debut Really Doe on Big Boy Records. The album was produced entirely by Big Boy's in-house producer Precise and featured guest appearance by G-Slimm (R.I.P.). A year later, they followed up with the album Drama Time. The album was again produced by Precise and featured labelmates Mystikal, Fiend, G-Slimm and Ghetto Twiinz.

J-Dawg and Threat released solo albums in 1997, before deciding to split ways with Big Boy Records. They founded their own label, Menace Entertainment, and released the album Mo Drama in 2000. A year later, they collaborated with former labelmates Insane and G-Quikk on their last album to date,The IV Horsemen.


Black Menace - Ghetoasnigga

Black Menace - Ghetoasnigga

Hollygrove Records1993
Black Menace - Really Doe

Black Menace - Really Doe

Big Boy Records1993
Black Menace - Black Menace

Black Menace - Black Menace

Big Boy Records1995
Black Menace - Drama Time

Black Menace - Drama Time

Big Boy Records1995
Black Menace - Mo Drama

Black Menace - Mo Drama

The Menace Entertainment Group2000
Black Menace Presents The IV Horsemen

Black Menace - The IV Horsemen

The Menace Entertainment Group2001

Guest Appearances

G-Slimm - Fours Deuces & Trays
  • Back On My Block

G-Slimm - Fours Deuces & Trays

Big Boy Records1994
Mystikal - Mind Of Mystikal
  • Out That Boot Camp Clicc

Mystikal - Mind Of Mystikal

Tim Smooth - Let It Be Written
  • Camped Out (Anthem)

Tim Smooth - Let It Be Written

Camped Out Records1999


P.N.C. Presents The Drama Squad Chapter One
  • They Say It's All Good

Various - P.N.C. Presents The Drama Squad Chapter One

South Coast Music Group1996
  • Watch Me Hit 'Em (Remix)

Various - Murder Dog Magazine Presents Southern XXX-Posure

Murder Dog Magazine1999
Big Boy Records - Greatest Hits
  • Watch Me Hit 'Em

Various - Big Boy Records Greatest Hits

Big Boy Records2004