Money Butt Naked ~ Welcome To Phunky Town

Money Butt Naked - Welcome To Phunky Town (Tape)

Album Title: Welcome To Phunky Town

Artist / Group: Money Butt Naked

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: Cassette Tapes

Produced By: Brain Smith, Derrick Dabbs, DJ Dizzy D, DJ Squeeky, Johnny Quest, Lil Darrly Wells, Money Butt Naked, SMK

Record Label: Big O' Pimp Records

Released: 1997

Representin': Memphis, Tennessee


A1 Intro 01:46
A2 Dollars & Cents 04:02
Featuring - Ska-Face Al Kapone, Mac Brownie
A3 Just When You Thought It Was Safe 05:28
Featuring - 1st Degree, Deep Sleep
A4 These Changes 04:38
Featuring - Mr. Tinymaine, Kocane Wayne
A5 Move Motherfucker 05:24
Featuring - Tommy Wright, Mac T-Dog, Project Pimp
A6 Goat Mouth Bitch 01:02
Featuring - Money Butt Naked, Brian Smith
A7 Street Hospitality 03:59
Featuring - Big Vince
A8 Ain't No Money 03:10
Featuring - EMP The Pimp, Lo Key
A9 High Speed Chase 03:53
Featuring - C-9
A10 Don't Have The Slightest 03:32
Featuring - Da Level 10, Luta Chris, Johnny Quest
B1 The Bigger They Are 04:19
Featuring - K.O. Kane Wayne, G.K., Taylor Boy
B2 Who Knew Those Days 03:53
Featuring - Chooezy, D. Vosie
B3 Reverend Butt Naked 02:21
B4 Don't Start No Shit 03:58
Featuring - Tom-Skee, DJ Squeeky
B5 Welcome To Phunky Town 03:25
Featuring - Playa Fly, Kokane Wayne, Gangsta Blac
B6 Fastest Man Alive 02:01
Featuring - Money Butt Naked, Papa Stranger
B7 Smokin' & Chokin' 03:40
Featuring - Brain Smith, Money Butt Naked
B8 Stylistics 03:00
Featuring - K-Roc, C.C.
B9 Smoke A Ounce To That 04:56
Featuring - G-Baby, Money Butt Naked
B10 To Nikki 01:00
Featuring - Money Butt Naked
B11 Ashes To Ashes 03:45
Featuring - LA Kim, Lil Chris, Skizo
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